The Parable of the Man and the Honey?
QUESTION 1 : In the short book Confession what is the meaning of the story of the man falling into the well (the hole), hanging onto a branch and licking the drops of honey on the branch, with dangerous animals above and below him, all the while two mice around nibbling round and round on the branch?
What is Tolstoy’s point in telling the story?

Question 2:What is “Pascal’s Wager?” A Google search will reveal it. How does it relate to Tolstoy’s story as he describes in Confession? Do you see the “bet” that Pascal made as the wisest one? What might be wrong with how Pascal thinks of the bet? How does this compare to the reasoning Tolstoy uses in Confession?

Question 3:The Dream at the End of “Confession”?
QUESTION FOUR: Tolstoy’s dream at the end of the book — how do we interpret the dream of him being supported over the abyss? How a writer chooses to end a book — and here you have the most famous and skilled novelist ending a book on the meaning of life — says a great deal. So what does the dream mean?
And why didn’t he simply tell us what the dream meant to him?